Posted by: desirehigher | November 23, 2013

Little Blessings

At times life gets so busy that there is little time to do more than just keep up the basics.

It can be disheartening, particularly when one feels overwhelmed, unable to take care of even little things that are important, trying to keep up with the many demands made on one’s time and energy.

But lately I’ve been reminded of little blessings in life that enrich our lives, often without our being aware or noticing:

  • Closed Captioning – we have closed captioning turned on our TV most of the time.  It may sound lame, but it has helped fill in parts of the show that are spoken too softly, or more often, spoken too quickly.  I count this as one of life’s little blessings.  (I do wish, however, that they would Desire Higher and make the captioning more accurate.  Sometimes, even on the news channels in the morning, it gets far behind what’s being said, or errors are made that make one wonder if they are writing for the same show that is playing.  I guess it’s probably harder to do than it seems.)
  • Medicines – this little blessing has saved millions of lives, and has even improved my life many times.  Strep has almost overpowered me more than once and medicine destroyed it almost overnight!  Medicine helps me to breathe better on a daily basis.  Another of life’s little blessings.
  • Food – I am fortunate enough to have plenty to eat each and every day.  Additionally, I have a wide variety of foods to choose from!  What a wonderful little blessing this is.  And I can get my food from many different sources, grow my own, shop at any of an almost unlimited number of stores, purchase it from fast food shops, the cafeteria at work, or from my choice of restaurants from homestyle to barbeque to international flavors.  Yes, a great little blessing.
  • Libraries – what a great idea Benjamin Franklin came up with!  At the library there is information on anything in the world, or out of it that one could want.  And you can borrow them for free!  My library has books, CDs, even DVDs I can borrow and enjoy, for fun and entertainment, or to learn something new on any topic I choose.  And now of course there is also the Internet where one can get great information any time.  Another little blessing!
  • Funny Beloved Hubby – he came to join me and looked over at me.  “Wow,” he stated.  “From this angle I see some aging in your face!”  What a nice thing for him to point out.  But, inspiration hit me and I replied, “Well, you are not allowed to be at that angle ever again!”  He chuckled, “Oh, you refer to rule number 45 from the husband’s handbook that the union gives us when we get married.  A husband can never notice any aging in his wife.”  🙂  He is also one of life’s little blessings, as is inspiration for a great come-back.

As we travel life’s journey, with its ups and downs, our Great Parent has provided many little blessings to enrich our lives.  When we Desire Higher we look to notice those little blessings.  And we say a quick, silent prayer of thanks to our Father in Heaven.



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