Posted by: desirehigher | November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Letter from Missionary Son

Hey! Last week was a lot of fun.

People would ask if I had any thanksgiving traditions back home and I told them that we did.

Our Thanksgiving consisted of creating and executing a plan to best take advantage of black friday. That was our tradition, the turkey was just fuel to make the planning session more fruitful. The gathering of our family was just to avoid a conference call explaining everyones role. Glad to hear this year was no different 🙂

Out here we had a great thanksgiving, one of our investigator couples invited us over to their family’s house. We met a lot of people and introduced the church to most of them. We were able to leave a very good impression with them.

Had a great experience this week where my companion and I felt we needed to change our plans, but we had no idea to what. So we opened our area book to a “random” page and called the lady, turns out she stopped meeting with missionaries months ago because she got busy, but she has been wanting to meet again, she was very excited we called. We set up a time to go and see her soon.

Incredible how God will place you where he needs you! Have a Great week!



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